Thursday, September 27, 2012

* Minimalist Sushi Master

I love sushi.  I am in love with sushi.  In fact, the only bar where everybody knows my name is the neighborhood sushi bar!

I remember my very first sushi experience which did not go so well for it came from a supermarket in Mid-West, and was extremely disappointing in its blandness.  To my ignorant taste buds, it was not something I would try again.

Lucky for me, during a training week in Florida little over four years ago, my coworkers took pity on me, convinced me to go to a real sushi bar, and practically ordered everything on the menu.  The memory of closing my eyes, and absorbing the incredible variety of sushi and sashimi pieces one after another, is still very vivid.  I was so captivated by the food, I did not even feel embarrassed by my lack of command with chopsticks, and proceeded with my fingers ever so gently.  I was hooked.

Following this heavenly sushi experience,  I purchased ten pairs of chopsticks, and literally ate everything with them until I was able to lift a single rice grain from my plate to my mouth with unhurried grace.  Finding the best tasting sushi everywhere I travel, has become my biggest food quest.

Knowing my admiration for sushi, several friends highly recommended the movie "Jiro Dreams of Sushi", and finally today, I had the great pleasure of watching this movie about the most talented sushi master in the world.

Besides his talent in adding so much flavor to this Japanese delicacy, his minimalistic creativity is awe inspiring.  He describes his success as a result of loving the profession he chose; he says "it is the key to being regarded honorably".

If you love sushi or if you just want to watch an inspiring human being who takes his job very seriously, make time to watch this movie.  You will not be disappointed...

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