Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inspiration Comes From Galway, Ireland

I usually do not talk about work related subjects on this blog however I listened to one of the most inspiring presentations today at the LeanSigma (Lean & SixSigma) Summit organized by the company at which I work.  Even though the content of the presentation was not exactly new to me, the person who gave the speech - Martin Conroy from our Galway, Ireland facility - brought a very new perspective on using A3s as a means of communication by the people on manufacturing floors.  Those are the people who do not have access to fancy PowerPoint presentations, and most of the time don't even have an e-mail account they can use to communicate day-to-day issues and/or solutions.  This one piece of European size paper can be the most important tool for engaging them in problem solving in manufacturing environments.

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