Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Secrets Of Highclere Castle

Although I did watch one - the first - episode of Downton Abbey, the fictional story was not enough to pull me in like other followers of this TV series and seemed like an old time soap opera. However, I did admire the costumes from the series on display at the miniature museum of FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising a year ago.

Today, I found a documentary about the Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey is filmed) and its real life nobility inhabitants. Learned much about the history and the customs of this family home with a deep appreciation of the humility and humbleness of the Lord and Lady of Carnarvon of this beautiful architecture and the well kept grounds it sits on sans any drama. I recommend Secrets of Highclere Castle to all Downton Abbey fans or history buffs or the admirers of British countryside alike.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Majorana Fermion

In a paper published on October 2, 2014 in the Science journal, Majorana Fermion was introduced as a particle that is also its own antiparticle, dark matter candidate and possible quantum computer enabler. 

Although this surprisingly very stable particle does not require a particle accelerator to make an appearance, it does require a very specific setup with temperatures lowered to 1°C above absolute zero to maintain superconductivity, and very powerful scanning-tunneling microscopes.

Due to its stability and weakly interacting nature, majorana fermions have a future in being utilized in quantum calculations that were previously incalculable.