Tuesday, August 5, 2014


From the Inuit mythology:

"Mahaha is a maniacal demon that terrorized parts of the arctic. This creature is described as a thin sinewy being, ice blue in colour and cold to the touch. Mahaha’s eyes are white and they peer through the long stringy hair that hangs in its face. This demon is always smiling and giggling. It is strong, very strong and it is always barefoot. Mahaha is usually seen with almost no clothing on yet it never seems to be bothered by the cold. This cold demon takes pleasure in tickling its victims to death with sharp vicious nails attached to its long bony fingers. Many elders have remarked on the expression of the dead victims Mahaha leaves behind. It seems all of the victim have a similar expression on their dead faces – a twisted frozen smile.

Although this demon is twisted and evil, Mahaha is easily fooled. Most of the stories told about Mahaha end with it being fooled. Usually Mahaha is tricked into leaning over a water hole to take a drink and is pushed into the open water and swept away by the currents.

So if Mahaha ever corners you alone, ask it to have one last drink with you by the water hole before it tickles you to death."

Monday, August 4, 2014


Anastatica is a resurrection plant that is found in arid areas in the Middle East and Sahara Desert. Also known as Rose of Jericho, this small grey plant dries up after rainy season and curls its branches into a tight ball to hibernate. Come rainy season the ball uncurls revealing the capsular fruits it has been protecting to release the dormant seeds unto the earth.