Thursday, December 18, 2014

* What is it?

What is it about New York City that makes it both alluring and sobering at the same time? 
Is it the closeness of everything - buildings, cars, people - to each other without conflicting and getting in each other's way? 
Is it the candor of its inhabitants that would step aside to make space for you on the subway car but not hold the door for you? 
Is it the unexpected calmness of the fast moving people? 
Is it the 6 layers deep subway system that teleports you to the most unexpected places within a few beats of your heart? 
Is it the endless Central Park that is a sanctuary to humans and migrating birds alike? 
Is it the five different languages you hear within earshot everywhere? 
Is it the Little Italy landlocked in China?
Is it the dizzying heights, fast moving deeps and the steps in between that plays tricks on your mind?
Is it the delicate gold embroidery on a shawl that catches your eye for just a moment and disappears into the red-speckled sea of puffy black coats?
Is it the children that dress, talk and walk like little adults alongside their hipster parents?
Is it the bagel breakfast that comes with a blue cup of coffee that tells you to "have a good day"?
Is it the Grand Central station where paths merge and emerge in all directions?
Is it the life-sized whale that hangs from the ceiling of Natural History Museum?


Is it the person who lived and breathed New York in a past life that takes you on a journey through the canyons and caves of the city that you did not even know how to dream of? 
The  person who designs each step you take so that every turn of a corner is a magical encounter with something you always wished for - The Gaugenheim Museum, a Klimt painting, roasted chestnuts from street vendors, an evening at Nobu, gazing under the skirts of Statue of Liberty, Flat Iron Building pointing at you. 
The person who knows that you will turn into a five-year-old kid in the world's largest toy store, hugging every single stuffed animal large and small. 
The person who walks you on the footsteps of Louis CK in his tv show intro from the subway to the pizza store and finally to Comedy Cellar where your cheeks ache from laughing so hard.
The person that is sure to make each trip to New York brand new every time. 
The person who wishes for nothing in return but to see the glitter in your eye and the uncontainable smile.

I don't have the vocabulary to thank you enough...
I love you!