Monday, July 29, 2013

* La Isla Del Encanto

Honestly, I was not expecting much of a good weather when my coworkers and I landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico late last night under the dark skies made heavier with even darker clouds. However, after spending the day hard at work in an air-conditioned conference room with a view to a cemetery, we made it back to our hotel at exactly 5PM local time, and allowed ourselves a half hour to change into our vacation personalities. We took a cab to old San Juan for we all wanted to enjoy an abundance of the best Mint Mojitos in the world. Our very young taxi driver dropped us at the Morro Castle, where we were immediately surrounded by the lemonade sweetness of the weather flavored with cool ocean breeze and fresh-cut grass, decorated with kites flying high above our heads.

Since the castle was about to close, we took the path to the depths of old downtown. Old San Juan is achingly reminiscent of southern European countries with its narrow cobblestone streets:

Ominous doors:

Secretive windows:

Lascivious sculptures:

And ornate balconies:

We concluded our day at a highly-recommended seafood eatery with orgasmic food - yes it was that good - and returned to our temporary dwelling on the ocean front with a sense of great accomplishment courtesy of above mentioned mojitos. 

I already love this tiny jewel of an island, and have every intention to come back to dip my body into the bioluminescent bay waters of Vieques Island...

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