Wednesday, May 29, 2013

* Out Of Blue Comes Green

I love the red bicycle I purchased from my friend, and proudly rode it on the day of CicLAvia. Since then every time I wanted to bike somewhere I was in skirts, and my bicycle did not let me for it is a men's bike with 28 inch wheels. I had no choice but get a women's bike for my cycling adventures in my neighborhood, and contributing to the green movement.
Although I wanted this bicycle so much, a quick risk analysis revealed that a cheaper, and less prominent bike is less likely to be stolen, so after some research, I decided to get a Novara Jaunt XX from my favorite store. Besides the five star reviews, I was sold the moment I saw this cutie in Robin's Egg Blue:

The other bike is up FOR SALE now for only $200.00! And you might be eligible for a significant discount if you are part of my family or my friend! :)

Leave a comment if you are interested!

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