Monday, May 27, 2013

* Zen Monkey For Breakfast

I was looking for cream cheese at the local Whole Foods for the cucumber sandwiches (yes like the ones British royalty has for high tea) I was planning to make for the Memorial Day beach picnic when someone stopped me and fed me a tiny spoon of the best cold oatmeal I ever had! The perfectly blended flavors of apples, oats, and yogurt were accentuated with the mildly sweet taste of agave nectar. I was instantly sold and said "what is this and where is it?". The nice guy that fed me pointed in the refrigerated food section while he told me about the new Zen Monkey breakfast products. I could not resist and tried the blueberry one before I picked up several apple flavored ones.
This is as simple and tasty as healthy breakfast food can get. Not only all ingredients are recognizable food items, but the entire 8oz. cup is only 270 calories. And it comes with its little spoon!

Bon app├ętit, indeed!

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