Saturday, May 11, 2013

* Not Quite To The Top

Today's hike started with an intention to make peak of Mt. Ontario, however was edited on the fly to end at Icehouse Saddle due to non-technical difficulties. Though shorter than planned, once again this hike presented many opportunities to learn new things for me:
  1. Hikes are not cure for hangovers (and, no, I was not the hungover one)
  2. Never cut switchbacks - this was on a sign and when I claimed to not understand what it means, my friend R clarified by saying "You know how the path goes 'zu zu zu'" while waving her hand in a zig-zag pattern, "you should not just go straight through".
  3. The one-size bigger boots were a great investment - my toes are pain-free and happy as can be.
  4. Some mountaintops have cell phone reception that turns us into tweeting, facebooking, instagramming little monsters.
Thanks to my lovely hiking buddies J and R, this was another great hike in the arms of nature with amazing scenery. We will be back to peak Mt. Ontario soon...

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