Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Sharp Edge Of Rapturous Delight

I am not and have never been into motorcycles.  I have been on one only once as a passenger.  I enjoyed the ride, and I do understand the thrill of it - the feeling of air rushing around your body, and the delicate stability exchange between the man and the machine that brings both to the sharp edge of rapturous delight.

When I saw the newly designed TT New Generation Chopper, several things compelled me to write about it today.  One of the things was, I could not take my eyes off of the smooth and clean lines of this machine's masculine body.  The second thing was the concept designer is from my country.  And lastly, I wanted my brother to see this, for his love of motorcycles transcends his love for any other man-made object.

Enjoy, dear brother!

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  1. Hımmm, I wonder how this wild cat would purrr between ones knees ;)

    Thanks Sis.