Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Digital Menu At Taste Of Shoyu

I landed at Minneapolis airport early afternoon today, and had to wait for my coworker who have missed our flight out of Los Angeles.  This in fact was a very opportune event for it gave me more time to spend with a couple of my very good friends, and have lunch with them at one of the finer airport restaurants.  We picked Taste of Shoyu - a japanese/asian restaurant that made us feel like we were in Japan.  Not only the food was delicious but the ordering process was very delightful as well.  They had an iPad installed for each seat!  Yes, every seat, as in four seats, four iPads.  Each of us ordered from our iPads, paid for our food with plastic using the card swipers installed at the table, and enjoyed a game of hangman while waiting for our food.  All this was very nice and future-like but we neglected the old art of conversation while we were so involved with what was on our iPads.  I am not sure if I want this kind of dining experience to become commonplace.  Do you?

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