Thursday, October 25, 2012

* I Shall Not Chafe

I have never done backpacking before, so I was as clueless as a dolphin in a disco when I walked into the Santa Monica REI store to see what options I had for my upcoming 4-day Inca Trail Hike.  I was so overwhelmed with the available variety, and the lack of help from the one associate I asked, I escaped the store as enthusiastically as I walked in.

While I was doing my own misguided digital research on what to get, with precious input from my good hiking-capable friends (thanks R and E), I received an e-mail from REI Northridge about a class on "Lightweight Backpacking".  Deciding this was divine intervention to my hopelessness, I immediately signed up.

Oh boy, am I glad I attended!  I learned so many things about the true meaning of "lightweight".  I will not list here all the equipment they demonstrated, however I will repeat the three key phrases I learned by heart:

1. Moisture Wicking
2. Quick Dry
3. Breathable

Also, the guy with the rip-van-winkle beard strongly advised that we do not leave home without this:

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