Monday, October 1, 2012

* I Make Bowl Sing

I visited one of my most favorite stores in Santa Monica, CA where they always have very unique and beautiful items from mystical places in Asia.  As I was browsing through the store, I stopped in front of several metal bowls which reminded me of a scene in a documentary I recently watched where a Japanese father and son use a similar bowl like a gong while they pray for the mother who passed away.

Seeing my interest in the bowls, one of the associates came over and explained that those were singing bowls from Nepal and are made of an amalgam of seven metals.  When he proceeded to show me how to make one sing, I was overcome by a feeling of enchantment.  I took the bowl from his hands and tried to recreate the incredibly loud but mesmerizing sound.  When I felt the first harmonic up my arm even before I heard the sound, I knew I had to own this delicately decorated artifact.  Here's me making the bowl sing:

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