Sunday, November 22, 2015

* Eating 52 Countries In 52 Weeks - Week 22 - EL SALVADOR

Pupuseria serves El Salvadorian fast food at the speed of much relaxed and un-hurried South American time - also known as Inca Time.

After placing our order at the cash register, we found a table where we first received our drinks of Ensalada Drink, Horchata Tamarindo, and the Kolashampan Soda.

At the core of the El Salvadorian cuisine is the Pupusas, small thick tortillas filled with chicken or cheese or potatoes or spinach. We got one of each!

Pupusas are served with a lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar dish called curtido.

We also had an order of Salvadorian Tamales filled with lightly spiced dough and chicken meat. Salvadorian version of tamales are much less greasy than other latino tamales.

Since they did not have any desserts that day, we let the fruit salad like ensalada drink and the sugar from the other beverages to curb our sweet tooth. I'm sure we will pay many other visits to this homely establishment on days we need comfort food served on cheerful plates.

¡Buen apetito!

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