Sunday, November 22, 2015

* Eating 52 Countries In 52 Weeks - Week 21 - IRAN

If you are in Costa Mesa and in the mood for some low key dining experience where your tastebuds will hit a high note, you definitely need to go to Darbari Persian Grill. The food they serve is a toned down and dare I say a more dignified version of mid-eastern food with only the flare of saffron colored rice.

The pita bread cut into perfect rectangles kept us busy with little chunks of butter while we once again tried to decipher the authentic names of the food on the menu.

Being intimately familiar with the Turkish relative, I ordered the House Doogh - a yogurt drink with flakes of mint.

Rick opted for hot tea the color of dark amber.

Our appetizers were a sampling of Tah-dig - crispy rice topped with stew topping, Kashk O' Bademjan - grilled eggplant, onion and herbs, Dolmeh - stuffed grape leaves, and Hummus

Funny as it is, Rick's main dishes end up having a giant piece of meat sometimes accompanied with a big knife. Baghali Polo with Lamb-Shank did not have the big knife but the piece of meat was larger than the plate it was served in. The rice tasted as colorful as it looked, beautifully complimenting the the lamb.

My Ghemieh Bademjan was a vegetarian dish with fried eggplants and split peas cooked in a tomato stew. My two-tone rice was very delicious as well.

The lady serving us said that they make their own saffron ice cream and offered to serve us their specialty house dessert Falludah with the ice cream. Falludah is a frozen rosewater dish served with a side of sour cherry juice to be added when eating.

It was unexpected for us have tasty food that is also very pleasing to the eye in such a humble restaurant. 

(nooshe jan) نوش جان

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