Thursday, August 1, 2013

* Lola's Home

 After a great working week in our Puerto Rico facility, the hosting native team members treated us visiting ones to an amazing dinner at Casa Lola Criollo Kitchen. We started by sharing a vast selection of appetizers and drinks with Lola's "magic ingredients". Our taste buds were pleasantly polished by the time our entrees arrived. I had the stuffed Cornish Hen with a side of mushrooms, and sampled fish from a coworker's plate. 

As they were gathering our cleaned out plates, our server started reciting the dessert menu in Spanish and hearing the word "chocolate" automatically made me say "yes" to whatever that was. Just to feel less guilty, I shared the very dense Chocolate Mousse with another coworker.

If you are ever in Puerto Rico and have only one chance to eat out, Casa Lola is "the" place!

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