Thursday, April 11, 2013

* Unexpected Poetry

Has a stranger ever walked up to you, looked deep into your eyes, recited a poem in which every single word felt like a silk ribbon unfolding only for you, lifting your heart to unbearable heights, and then gently lowering it into its crib like a sleeping baby, and left your presence forever as unintrusively as he entered?

This, happened to me today. A beautiful stranger did it to me with one of his own poems:


To be in this moment, right now, right here
All is truly well, there is nothing to fear
I dance in your stillness as I rest in your calm
Gently held by the love in the heart of your palm
Your song is eternal and your word is so true
There is only one love, it could only be you!
The great wisdom you give me to ascend way up high
Makes me thirst for your water as to never run dry
Drinking only from your fountain by your side I will lye
I am but a twinkle in the center of God's eye

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