Sunday, April 21, 2013

* CicLAvia Sunburn

Right now, sitting in the oversized comfy armchair in my cozy living room in the flickering light of my fireplace, sporting a raccoon face that matches some parts of my body that are ten shades redder than other parts and emanating heat, I would not change a single moment of this day doing my first ever CicLAvia with my heroic friend R. (She is a hero because she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro). We biked up and down the Venice Boulevard that was closed off to motorized traffic for the event for about a total of 20 miles, and experienced one of the most amazing displays of camaraderie among our fellow Californians. Thousands of bikers, runners, skaters, roller bladers, and people just walking of all walks of life, flooded the closed up street with cheerful mirth, and I was exhilarated for being part of it all.

Today, I loved living in L.A. more than ever...

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