Tuesday, November 13, 2012

* Craniosacral Whales

Dark.  Where am I?  I feel movement.  Is it me moving?  There is something very close and very big.  What is it?  I am floating with my arms and legs slightly spread to the sides.  I am sure my eyes are open.  I see some tiny glint to the right. One more.  And one more.  Ahhh, as I slowly move, I get out of the shadow of the big planet I am passing by.  I am looking at the universe with its countless sparkling eyes.  I float by more planets.  Dusty colored sleepy ones.  The vastness of space surrounds me with the coziness of a small, familiar room.  Such beauty, quiet, peace, and clarity...
This one looks different.  It is brighter.   I like its vibrant colors.  And I hear them.  I hear them sing long deep sad sighs.  I want to go there. To them.
It is dark again.  This time a thicker blanket of a dark.  I still hear them.  I don't see them but I know I am with them.  I am them.  I sing their songs and take in the occasional phosphorescent light show in these virgin depths of the ocean.  I am happy and light and invincible.

"We are done.  Come inside when you are ready.  Take your time." she says in a whisper.  I do not want it to end.  I am not ready to come back yet.  But the light from the other room gently floods through my closed eyelids.  My first Craniosacral Therapy session is over....

Thanks, C.  You can practice on me any time! :)

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