Monday, August 3, 2015

* Eating 52 Countries In 52 Weeks - Week 13 - U.S.A.

What better place to eat a country's food than somebody's home where everything is freshly made in the best way possible! 

We were in Wisconsin last weekend, visiting Rick's brother Dan and his lovely wife Kari. Not only did they share their happy home with us but they made us the best tasting American food with a wide variety including sausages made from bear meat Dan brought back from his hunting trips, and fish fries made from Crappies they caught in nearby lakes. Of all the mouth-watering meals we had with them, I was able to document one breakfast which we decided to share with you as part of our American experience.

Dan was already in the kitchen cooking when I walked in following the alluring smell of hash-browns and breakfast sausages sizzling on the stove.

While the food was cooking, we set the table and filled glasses with fresh coffee and orange juice as these are staples of American breakfast (yes I did take a sip or two before I took the picture). :)

We sat down when the French Toasts were ready and served in several small towers of golden goodness. We topped them with butter and syrup and added the best kind of cheerful conversation to make them even sweeter.

I was determined not to leave the table before I had a (small) slice of Kari's breakfast dessert which I did not have any room the previous day after eating delicious Quiches of two kinds. 

Time truly flies when you are in the best of company sharing good food and conversation. We hiked, canoed, played kubb, visited the zoo where giant turtles made us giggle, and had a magical evening under the blue moon making s'mores around a bonfire in the backyard surrounded with twinkling fireflies.

This was and will remain the best of our adventure eating 52 countries. Thank you Kari and Dan for being a part of our lives. Here's to sharing many more meals and adventures!

Bon Appetit!

PS. I'm told the American equivalent for "bon appetit" is a loud belch and undoing your pants' buttons if you enjoy your meal! :)

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