Tuesday, February 25, 2014

* Q

Tonight, the letter Q has lost its meaning for me ... and assumed whole new meaning that is a destination where all your senses are stimulated in quiet elegance, thanks to my lovely friend Jen. Q is a holistic sushi restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles that offers one of the best omakase dining experiences. You are at the mercy of chef Hiroyuki Naruke as he decides what 20 dishes will be served to kill you softly of delight paired with your choice of mini carafes of sake. It is almost impossible to pick a dish over another as a favorite but you are guaranteed to use adjectives like 'adorable' for the food especially if the baby squids are on the menu for your night of dining. The waiters educate you about what you are about to taste and recommend eating your food from left to right - and this actually makes sense even if you are slightly inebriated!

Q does not have dessert but Bottega Louie is conveniently across the street where you can get yourself a rainbow of macaroons.

Thank you, Jen! This was an extraordinary night that must be periodically repeated...

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