Monday, May 28, 2012

The L-Verb

I have an amazing brother who constantly inspires me in the most unexpected ways.  Once he said "The more I learn, the more I discover how little I know".  Since then I've made it a point to learn something new everyday, even if it is a single word.  Until very recently, I had no desire to share what I learn(ed) with the masses, and only shared them with people I know, understand, and trust.  Just a couple of months ago, I've said these very words to a friend.  Yet here I am, hours after returning from a vacation, typing the first words to my blog, not knowing where it will take me and my readers (if any)....

I think I should explain a few things about this blog!

The Name:
W.I.L.T! is simply the acronym for "What I Learned Today!".

The Purpose:  
To share what I learn each day with whomever would like to read this blog.  Well, this was the initial purpose.  However, as the little gears in my engineer's head started turning about this blog, I decided I could use any L-Verb instead of "Learned" and talk about that each day:  Liked, Listened (to), Loved, Left, Looked (at/for/after), etc.  Hopefully, I will be learning many more L-Verbs in the process!

The Contents:
This part is still a little nebulous in my head but there will definitely be music, books, art, astronomy, architecture, movies, food, geography, technology, travel, design, languages, and other geeky fun stuff that is "new to me".  I will not be sharing topics that are too personal - you will find those on my Facebook pages if you are part of my family or circle of close friends. Also, the titles preceeded with a '*' will be about my personal experiences.

The Format:
I have no clue!  I assume that will be part of learning how to design a blog and keep it ever appealing.

What you will never see in my blog:
Anything political or religious.  I am a huge proponent of keeping these two topics or anything that could be considered related to these, as private.

How you can participate:
If you would like, you can send me your own "W.I.L.T!" so that I can share it with the readers of this blog on your behalf (you can choose to stay anonymous).  OR you can send me a topic you've always wanted to learn about and never had the time to research.  I will gladly do the detective work for you and dedicate the post to you (again you can choose to stay anonymous)!  Also, please do comment and send L-Verbs.

Finally, What I Learned Today:
I learned that I had a secret desire to blog!

Welcome to W.I.L.T!

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